Our Favourite Floral Trends of 2019

Whatever the style of your wedding, flowers can play a key role in completing your look. These are the trends that we are seeing florists use as modern updates to tried and true favourites like corsages, centrepieces, and garlands.

Dried Flowers

Photo by Dockflower Photography

Photo by Dockflower Photography

Dried flowers give brides the option to use locally-grown flowers for winter weddings, or incorporate flowers that are out of bloom in any season. This unique look can be applied to all the wedding florals, or be incorporated into designs alongside fresh flowers. Best of all, dried flowers can last for months, letting brides enjoy the florals from their special day long after the honeymoon.

What we realized when doing our November 2018 dried flower wedding was that dried flowers don’t limit people to a particular look. While you can go ‘rustic’ with dried flowers, they can also be designed to have a more classic romantic look as well!

Garlands Made of Unexpected Elements

Photo by Paje Honor

Photo by Paje Honor

While eucalpytus is beautiful and definitely complements certain style florals and I hope we get to keep using it forever (especially now that we are growing our own!), you can actually use many different types of greenery in your garlands, as long as they are varieties that stay fresh out of water. Depending on the style of your wedding and the season you and your florist can get creative. Having a summer tropical wedding? Use palm fronds on the table! A fall rustic wedding? Use some dried grasses and a pop of leaves that are changing colour.

Metal Cuffs for Corsages

Starting off with a pretty metal bracelet means florists don’t need to use as much greenery or as many flowers to hide clasps and wires. This gives the option of a more subtle, minimalist look. This is a more modern take on a traditional corsage with ribbon and we are excited about it!

“Growing Garlands”

And update on traditional garlands which have greenery laid on the table with flowers positioned flat throughout, growing garlands look like gardens with flowers growing right out of them! You can put this whimsical mini-garden look in any area of your wedding including replacing traditional arrangement with a growing arrangement. With the flowers rising from the stems and leaves, the greenery and flowers mesh into a more natural look. It works great along aisles and even framing the ceremony!

Mismatched Bud Vases

Photo by Floral & Brick

Photo by Floral & Brick

A cost-effective option that can have just as much of an impact as a structured arrangement, mismatched bud vases can add a unique vintage touch with a mix of perfume bottles, apothecary jars, or small antique vases. You don’t need to think small either - the amount of flowers in each vase depends on the budget and look you’re going for. Vases can be grouped into bunches, or you can opt for a series of standalone bud vases along a long rectangular table.

Try using some of these modern updates to make your wedding florals more “you”!