Planting time!

I'm exhausted after a day of planting, and I have the rest of the week ahead of me! But, it's a beautiful time, where there is enough already growing so that I can put together a complete arrangement using all my own flowers and foliage. I've done as much of that as I could throughout the early spring, but always had to supplement with some locally-sourced blossoms. I'm super thankful for my late-blooming specialty tulips, because they offer a stunning full bloom when other tulips are done, and before most other plants have flowers. 

It's nice to buckle down in the dirt after a hectic Mother's Day weekend. How lucky am I to work in the peacefulness of nature, with cardinals, robins, blue jays, squirrels, and my puppers for company? I wouldn't trade this new life of mine for anything!

My seedlings have been growing under grow lights for weeks now, and they are thriving now that they are out in the sun, even though many of them are still in their containers and not yet in the ground. It's a race against the clock for me now, as I try to get everything planted before they get too big for their containers! I'm a bit worried about my sweet peas .. they were one of the earliest seedlings to get nice and big and healthy, but I had to wait until now to get them in the ground, and they aren't looking too hot. Poor little guys. But hopefully they will pull through!

Happy planting to all you gardeners out there!