A day in the life of a new floral business

I thought it might be interesting to let people know how a typical day goes for me since I launched in March, diving in head first without a clue how to run a floral design business!

Basically, orders come in through many different avenues - email, online submission through our website, Instagram, Facebook, and phone. As soon as I see the order I check what I have flower-wise. This is much easier whenever I have my own plants in bloom, such as tulips in early spring, or the many varieties of flowers that should be blooming soon. In that in-between stage between tulips and summer plants I often have to source flowers from local farms, people's yards (with permission of course! Did you know that plant stealing is actually a pretty big problem in Hamilton?), or from wholesalers who carry local products (brought in from farms around Ontario). Ordering from the farms or from wholesalers means I have to buy in large-ish quantities, and drive out to pick up my order. I want to move as much away from this as possible next year, and really concentrate on using the flowers available in the city. But with unpredictable weather it can be out of my control. The new greenhouse that we got should help though!

So, I put together the bouquets, always striving for interesting mixes of texture and colour. This takes the longest, so I like to dedicate evenings to it (you are supposed to harvest flowers in the evening, jsuk, as it is the coolest thereby preventing the flowers from going into shock), I normally have a glass or two of wine and put on music in my studio and enjoy.  I then slip them into sleeves, put stickers on, and keep them in the cooler until it's time to deliver. Full disclosure, I have been using my cold basement as a cooler, but we are getting a florist's cooler in the next couple weeks!

Weekends can be crazy because I sell in a couple of retail stores, which means I am regularly preparing larger orders, along with any individual orders that come in. The subscription service we offer is a great organizational tool - with set times during the month for each customer I can really plan ahead for design and delivery. Orders for floral crowns come in pretty steadily, often for photographers, but also for events and even sometimes just for an individual's weekend plans. I handle those in a similar way to the bouquets, but generally with more back and forth with the client in order to make sure I am meeting their vision while balancing including my own style in the crown. Weddings are a whole other deal, so I'll do a separate post about those down the line!

Other than that, I spend a lot of time on Instagram, reading up on flower farming, and studying pictures of beautiful arrangements to soak up their secrets.