Hello from Floral & Brick!

Well, choosing this cold but sunny day for my first blog post makes a lot of sense. For a first season of an urban flower farm business, it sure has been crazy weather! Frost cloth has been my friend - taking it off in a spirit of hope for a couple of days only to lug it out again has been a routine I'm actually getting used to. It won't continue like this for much longer though, right?

Hamilton may have a relatively shorter growing season than other North American locations (I'm looking at you, B.C.), but all in all it's not bad. Blossoms are out on trees already, daffodils are fully open and gorgeous, and early-blooming tulips are finally showing their colours. Our seedlings have been arching their little stems to the grow lights in a warm room for weeks now, and as soon as April 29th hits (the last frost in our area) they are going in the ground! Some are already out, hence the frost cloth, but that is more due to error than typical routine. One of our helpers (I love you Mom!) thought that since snapdragon seed is just like dust, it could just be sprinkled out and would grow fine. While a bit of sprinkling is OK, it's really important to give them space, so when I judged that they were big enough I took a risk and divided up the bunches that had grown together, and put them outside. I'll keep you posted on their progress!

I'll continue to use this blog as a way of taking you on my flower journey with me. It's a learning experience for me and my team, but a beautiful and exciting one, and I'm happy to share it.